Welcome to Fischer Family Farm.

On our small Wisconsin farm, our family raises the highest quality meats the way nature intended. We believe in preserving and restoring the land we farm on and respecting the animals we raise. Our animals have a story and you can taste the difference.

Know your farmer.

By keeping life simple and maintaining the integrity that a family farm offers, we are passing down beliefs and values through generations. We work as a family to deliver real, nourishing food to your table.

Better for our animals. Better for our land. Better for you.

Pasture raised.

Our animals spend their days roaming freely, grazing lush nutrient-rich Wisconsin pastures.

Regeneratively raised.

We use regenerative practices, including composting, no-till farming, cover crops and rotational grazing, to further the health of our animals and our land.

Family raised.

We pride ourselves in feeding our customers only what we feed our family. We want you to know and trust where your food comes from!