Respect thy farmer, animal, and land.

Our Farming Practices

"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children." - Native American Proverb

We have been given a great charge…to be stewards of the land, appreciate, and better the land and care for the animals on it. We live, work, and dream together. We want to share with you the livelihood that means so much to us. By keeping life simple and maintaining the integrity that a family farm offers we are passing down beliefs and values through generations.

We have transitioned cropland back to pasture. Creating a diverse selection of grasses and forages that our cattle graze. Renewing the land to its natural, optimal state has translated to increased wellness for our cattle and ultimately, our customers.

We either raise our cattle here on the farm for their entire lives or we purchase them from another local farmer at 6 months of age to finish on our land. We have also partnered with another local farmer who raises and finishes our pastured hogs for us, using practices that closely align with our own. Even as demand for our beef and pork grows, we will never sacrifice the transparency and care that we put into growing our cattle and hogs.

Our laying hens and pastured meat birds are raised on our lush Wisconsin pastures. Always having access to sunshine, clean air, water, and a plethora of bugs and forages to choose from. Laying hens freely roam our pastures, while meat birds are moved to fresh grass daily. Nutrient dense and delicious poultry and eggs can only come from happy and healthy chickens!

Our cattle and hogs are never given hormones and are antibiotic free. To achieve the superior marbling and flavor we strive for, we provide a ration of bailage, mineral, and steam flaked barley or spent grain. We responsibly source our spent grain from a local partner, Karben4 Brewery, combining animal husbandry and recycling.

 We believe in building a sustainable operation that cultivates quality and fosters connection.

We feel that we have been called to steward this land and the animals we raise, so we strive to practice the tenets of regenerative agriculture and animal husbandry in everything we do. Our goal is to raise the highest quality meat and farm fresh eggs to nourish our customers and their families while putting more into the land and our community than we take out.